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Pen Blank- Purpleheart- 3/4" x 3/4" x 6" -

Purpleheart Pen Blank

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Use nature's finest and create your own pens from our finely crafted pen blanks.  Random natural wood grain makes for interesting pen blanks final design upon completion of your wood turning. All lumber is kiln dried lumber, however like all wood you need to let it acclimate for a few days before turning.  The acclimation process prevents shrinkage of your final project over time.  

Grain is usually straight and often has a fine curly figure. Fine texture. Moderately hard to work but takes a glossy, lustrous finish. Lacquer finish will best preserve the color.  Other finishing options can be applied including CA Glues. 

Special Tip: Purpleheart can burn fairly easily when exposed to intensive heat as you work.  Try to keep the heating process down best as can.  This wood can darken or even turn brown from the heating process (or turn black).  If brown coloring appears you can take your finished product after turning (before finishing) and place it in a toaster oven for a period of time to bring back the purple heart coloring.  You’ll need to experiment with the temperature and time.  A good starting number is 200 degrees at 1 hour, but do keep an eye on it to shorten the time or extend the time as necessary.

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